About us

What is YouthLeisure.Net?

YouthLeisure.Net (Youth Leisure Network) – is a travel company that brings together young and active people, with an aim to offer a range of nowhere other seen activities and trips for all thrill seekers!

Biggest value of the company – always and everywhere together! In each trip or adventure we will be experiencing all the surprises and new thrills together, which will be waiting for all of us.

If it seems that life should be more active, fresher and something is missing, maybe it’s time to take a step forward, as Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! Finally, this step will help you meet various new people and come back with a heart, full of the best memories.


To ensure the rise of service quality and develop new producs, Youth Leisure Network is constantly implementing public projects, which are partially supported by variuos programs:

  • At 2016 project seeking development of services and rise of quality was funded by Kaunas City Municipality program “Initiatives for Kaunas”;
  • From 2018 social project “Let’s Talk Kaunas” to promote multicultural communication being supported;
  • In the end of 2020 project under program “Tourism innovations” supported by “Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology – MITA” was implemented to create virtual guide service, which aims to help find all non traditional tourism locations in Lithuania. At the end of project, mobile application “Tripsolo” was developed, which is available on Apple App Store and Google Play store. More information HERE
  • At end of 2021, under project “Innovation in tourism services and products”, which was managed by “Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology – MITA” additional support was received to further develop virtual guide service, mobile app “Tripsolo”. During this project new features such as audio guide, new places suggestion and website was introduced.


  1. Create ways for active thrill seekers to discover activities and destinations, at the same time promote tolerance and multicultural concept, by inspiring development of local communities.
  2. Encourage every persons development, thru trying out new things by spreading the idea of “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.
  3. Spread local cultural and history awareness to all international citizens coming into Lithuania and whole Baltic region.


Unite all travellers and active thrill seekers by giving them the opportunities to experience nowhere other seen activities at the same time helping them develop their personal skills by spreading the idea “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Create possibilities for all international expats, students or trainees (interns) be more aware of local cultures and history, by presenting Lithuania, whole Baltic region and surrounding neighbouring countries using leisure activities.


YouthLeisure.Net – Travel company that unites bold and goal seeking people, who are capable to adapt and overcome anything in their life by experiencing life after stepping outside comfort zone!


License & Insurance

VšĮ “Jaunimo laisvalaikio tinklas” (Youth Leisure Network)
Company code: 304102112

Official travel services provider (Organiser), operating under certificate No. 14559 issued by Lithuanian state department of tourism.

VšĮ “Jaunimo laisvalaikio tinklas” (Youth Leisure Network)
Company code: 304102112

All participants of any activity or trip are insured up to 10000 EUR sum in Civil insurance.

Insurance agency: AAS “BTA Baltic Insurance Company”, Lithuanian branch
Insurance policy No.: BCAD 056664