Terms and conditions of purchasing travel packages

These terms and conditions of purchase apply to travel packages organised by Youth Leisure Network – VšĮ „Jaunimo laisvalaikio tinklas“ (hereinafter referred as the Tour operator), followed by all the trade marks, which are officially announced on the travel organiser’s website – https://youthleisure.net/.


1.1 Tour operator undertakes:

1.1.1. Organize trips for tourist or group of tourist under the program indicated on the web-page https://youthleisure.net or any other material, which has indicated travel program, or if changes have been made to the travel program indicated in the travel description prior to the signature of this contract, in accordance with the amended program. The program or other material describing the tour program or the modified program is an integral part of this agreement.

1.1.2. If you the trip do not collect the minimum number of tourists (8), notify all the tourists in writing about cancellation of the trip at least 7 calendar days before official trip start day.

1.1.3. For tourist provide a document containing accurate and non-misleading information about where the trip take (departure and return points, dates and times, places to visit and countries with dates, dates of departure and arrival) and its changes, services provided during the trip, intended travel material, means of transportation, type of accommodation, location, category or level of comfort and basic characteristics and class (in accordance with the relevant rules of the Host State), catering, to the countries to which the procedures for obtaining visas, the procedure and conditions for the completion of the contract, the total cost of the trip, the part of the price to be paid in advance, are carried out, the border procedures and the procedure for obtaining visas, the number of entry and number of prohibited goods and the requirements for bans.

1.1.4. In cases where the tour operator undertakes under the contract to provide a tourist with accommodation services corresponding to a particular category in accordance with the rules of the host country, without mentioning the particular provider of accommodation services, the tour operator shall inform the tourist about the accommodation type, category and meals prior to signing the contract. The tour operator also provides information on the level, quantity and quality of facilities, services and entertainment, and the possible differences between them, depending on the particular accommodation provider.

1.1.5. Before the trip in writing, provide the tourist with information about the intermediate stations and stopping time, location and information about the passenger’s place in the vehicle (except for the airplane and unplanned technical stops), the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the tour operators local representative or local travel sales agents to which the tourist can contact the assistance. If there are no such sales agents available, to indicate to the tourist the telephone number he could call in an unforeseen event or information that would help him to contact the tour operator and / or travel sales Agent, information on the epidemiological status of the host countries, immunoprophylaxis requirements to be met during the journey, information on the procedure for the clearance of health insurance, information on compulsory insurance contracts, under which the remuneration of travel expenses due to the cancellation of an organized tour trip or the cost of assistance, information on the terms and conditions of currency exchange. If minors go on a trip, provide parents or carers with information that will allow them to contact the child or the person in charge directly at the child’s location.

1.1.6. Use personal information provided by the tourist only for the purpose of completing travel documents.

1.2. Tourist undertakes:

1.2.1. When making a contract, if more than 30 calendar days remain before the trip begins, pay 45% of the trip value in advance and rest of the price pay no later than 30 calendar days before departure. When concluding a contract, if there is less than 30 calendar days remain before the journey begins, immediately pay the full price for the trip. Provide all information and documents necessary for the tour operator to fulfill this agreement, to arrive in time on the specified departure points indicated by the travel manager, including intermediate ones, to have a valid personal document, that is at least 6 months, when travelling outside Lithuania. To follow the organizer’s instructions regarding the execution of the trip or its separate parts; To observe the rules of public order, international carriage of passengers, the procedure for the carriage of luggage and the quantity, number and prohibition of goods entering the country, to take care of the security of their personal belongings. Follow the instructions of the border and customs services. When traveling with minors, follow the Government of the Republic of Lithuania resolution No. 302 Approved Procedure for the Child’s Temporary Departure to Foreign States not belonging to the Schengen Area.

1.2.2. To answer for all the damage caused during the trip (damaged hotel inventory, vehicles, etc.). If the damage are caused by a minor, all the losses incurred by him shall be borne by the responsible person. If the tourist takes the fault and agrees to pay for the damage, the damage must be compensated locally. In cases where the tourist does not accept the fault, the travel organizer has the right to recover the damage in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. The tourist is not required to compensate for damage caused by force majeure.

1.3. The tourist, the main party to this contract, must inform other tourists – the beneficiaries that the tourist trip is organized only under the conditions specified in this agreement and all tourists must comply with all terms of the contract.

1.4. The tourist is fully responsible for his or her health and security during the trip, the tourist is fully responsible for his actions during the trip that may affect his state of health. The organizer assumes no responsibility for any accidents during the trip.


2.1. The right of the tourist to disclaim the contract:

2.1.1. Tourist has the right to withdraw from the contract at any time. The withdrawal of the contract will take effect from the moment of its declaration.

2.1.2. If the tourist wants to cancel the contract for the circumstances in which he is liable (i.e. if the circumstances which give rise to the withdrawal are due to the fault of the tourist himself, i.e. due to his intentional act or negligence), he must compensate the tour operator for the losses caused by such a refusal. The magnitude of the loss in each particular case is assessed by reference to the costs of the direct carrier (s), the hotel and other service providers whose services the travel agent uses and the income to be lost. The loss amount in this case can not exceed the maximum cost of one trip. Contract termination price depending on the rules of the abolition of services provided by bus companies, hotels and other services. Changing the main terms of the contract on a tourist initiative due to reasons of a tourist is equivalent to a withdrawal of a contract.

The parties agree that the tourist accommodation service at the hotel, when these services are sold through direct offers or discounts, the loss due to the cancellation of the tourist agreement is 100% of the travel costs.

The parties agree that upon refusal by the tourist to arrange a trip, the amount of the loss due to the tourist agreement depends on the remaining time before the journey begins:

Time period of termination of the contract Losses due to the refusal of a tourist in percentages
More then 35 days before departure 20% of travel costs
From 34 to 20 days before departure 40% of travel costs
From 19 to 14 days before departure 85% of travel costs
14 days or less before departure 100% of travel costs

2.1.3. If the tourist refuses to agree on the circumstances relating to him (such as illness, injury, disability or similar) that he is unable to control and who could not reasonably be foreseen at the time of signing of the contract, the tour operator has the right to claim compensation for the direct loss incurred as a result of such refusal, except cases in which the contract is denied due to force majeure circumstances. In the cases specified in this clause, the amount of direct damages to be reimbursed may not exceed the contractual travel costs.

2.1.4.  When there is refusal by a tourist to participate in any travel program and the agreed by both parties regarding the return of the respective money amount, all resulting bank or orther charges will be deducted from the amount of refund.

2.1.5. When the tourists doesn‘t comply to the contract clauses 2.1.2. or 2.1.3, the tour operator must, at the request of the tourist, provide proof of the amount of loss suffered, requesting the tourist to compensate all losses.

2.1.6. If a tourist refuses to agree on circumstances under the responsibility of the tour operator or the person benefiting from the tour operator, he has the right to request return of the money, which was paid for the trip or, with his consent, compensated in another way.

2.2. The right of the tour organizer to disclaim the contract:

2.2.1. The tour operator has the right to withdraw from the contract only for important reasons, which are immediately, informed the tourist.

2.2.2. If the tour operator cancels the contract for circumstances beyond the control of the tourist, he must offer the tourist a new, same or better alternative trip option. If, for valid reasons, it is not possible to offer an alternative trip, or if the tourist refuses to offer a new trip, he has the right to demand that he be reimbursed for a trip that has not happened.

2.3. The tour operator, having refused the contract, must arrange a trip again or return the tourist money for the trip. Damages shall not be reimbursed in cases where the contract is waived for reasons of clause 1.1.2 or force majeure.

2.4. When, upon termination of the contract, for the tour operator and (or) travel agent arises the obligation to return all or part of the money paid for the trip, money must be returned to the account specified by the tourist within 10 working days from the termination of the contract.


3.1. The tour operator may change the agreement clause for important reasons, which are right away informed the tourist. A tourist has the right to refuse to change the contract.

3.2. The tour operator has the right to increase the cost of the trip no less then 20 days before the start of the trip due to changes in the cost of transportation, including fuel costs, compulsory taxes or exchange of currencies. The travel organizer indicates why the price increased and how the price increase was calculated. The tourist has the right to refuse to increase the price.

3.3. If the tourist refuses to change the terms of the agreement in cases mentioned at 3.1, 3.2 clauses, the tour operator acquires the right to withdraw from the contract. In such a case, the tourist has the right to demand the refund of the money paid for the trip or, if the trip has partly already occurred, to compensate for the proportion of trip that didn’t happened. If the tour operator cancels the contract after the tourist refuses to change the terms of the contract in clause 3.1, then clause 2.3 of this agreement applies accordingly.


4.1. Any tourist in this contract has the right to transfer his right to travel to a third person (who takes the trip), who will comply with all terms of the contract, before the journey begins for at least 7 days.

4.2. In cases where such a transfer is contrary to the rules of the person (company), which using the travel organizer (i.e., if the time remaining before the journey is already allowed to be booked at a local vehicle and / or hotel on behalf of a new person), the tourist must be provided with these rules.

4.3. Such a transfer must be completed by a contract that complies with the requirements of the Republic of Lithuania Civil Code with the third person taking the trip, and the person taking the trip, who has entered into a contract, or the tourist who has transferred the trip, must notify the tour operator in writing thereof and forward the information and documents necessary for the smooth execution of travel agreement with respect to the transferee. The traveler and the third (traveler) traveler are jointly and severally liable to the tour operator for the cost of the travel and the costs associated with the transfer of the right to travel. If the transfer is not possible due to 4.2. for the reasons mentioned above, the tourist has the right to cancel the contract by paying cancellation fee specified in clause 2.1.2.


5.1. If the contract is not carried out in accordance with reasonable expectations of the traveler who, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement and the nature of the services provided, the tour operator must compensate the tourist for losses. The tour operator or the person, who tour operator uses to execute the trip program is not responsible for the improper performance of the contract if:

5.1.1. The wrongful conduct of the contract is caused by a tourist (condition of non-fulfillment of clause 1.2.1 and other reasons);

5.1.2. The tour operator did not foresee and could not foresee, responsible is third party for the improper performance of the contract, which is not related to this agreement.

5.1.3. The contract is not executed due to force majeure or due to an event which the tour operator or the person, which was used for providing services, with all due care provided to them, was not foreseen and could not be foreseen.

5.2. If the contract is not carried out in accordance with the tourists’ expectations, the tour operator must provide the tourist with all assistance and support in the specific circumstances. If the reason for which the contract is not properly executed relates to the tourist in question, the tour operator must provide the tourist with such assistance and support that, according to the reasonableness criterias, may be required from the travel organizer under the contract. In this case, the tour operators expenses related to the provision of such assistance and support must be reimbursed by the tourist himself. If the tour operator or the person using the assistance (clause 5.1) is responsible for the improper performance of the contract, all expenses related to the provision of additional assistance and support to the tourist shall be borne by the tour operator himself.

5.3. If on the start of the journey it turns out that the tour operator will not be able to fulfill the main part of the agreed services, he must offer suitable alternate services for the tourist for the same price for the term specified in the contract and compensate for the difference between the price of the previously offered and actually provided services to the tourist. If the tour operator can not offer alternative services for reasonable reasons, or for reasonable reasons the tour operator has refused them, the tour operator must ensure, without additional payment, the return of the tourist or transfer to another area agreed by the tourist, as well as return the money to the tourist for the non-provided services (payment returned only for the parts that didn’t happened).

5.4. The organizer of the trip has no right to restrict or cancel his civil liability for the damage caused to the tourist if the damage is caused by deliberate or gross negligence of the tour operator.

5.5. The property and non-property damage caused to tourism is remunerated in accordance with the procedure established by the Republic of Lithuania Civil Code.

5.6. The tour operator shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the catalog or other journey material that is an integral part of this contract, except at least one of the following cases:

5.6.1. Prior to the conclusion of the contract, the tourist has been informed of changes in this information, and the travel material has explicitly provided for the possibility of modifications.

5.6.2. Changes are made after the conclusion of the agreement by written agreement of both parties.


6.1. The tourist rights are protected by the Republic of Lithuania Civil Code, the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, the Law on Advertising, the Law on Tourism and other laws and substatutory legal acts and this agreement.

6.2. If the tourist (s) do not receive an entry visa for the not the fault of the tour operator, they forget or forfeit their identity papers, if the documents are irregular and not prepared for the trip, if they do not arrive at the initial departure points indicated by the traveler and arbitrarily terminate the trip or refuse part of the services, the organizer of the trip is not responsible and does not pay the tourist (s) for any related costs.

6.3. The traveler’s claims for improper performance or non-fulfillment of the contract must be made promptly to the tour operator local represantive, travel manager or, if they are not present, to the tour operator. Claims for non-solvable or inadequately solved problems must be made in written form. If the claims can not be settled during the trip, the tourist can submit claims to the tour operator in written form within 15 working days from the end of the trip. The tour operator must give the tourist a written response to the claims filed within 15 business days of receipt of the claims. Disputes concerning improper execution or non-execution of a contract shall be resolved by negotiations, and if not agreed upon – in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

6.4. Subsequent to the signing of this agreement, the substantive changes to the contract terms (the main part of the agreed services and the price) are possible only by written agreement between the two parties.

6.5. In the cases of non-compliance with the obligations of tourism service and procedure provided for the tourist, he can always contact State Tourism Department according by the Paragraph 10 of Article 8 of the Law on Tourism of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal act.

6.6. The tourist also confirms that he has received all information about the trip before and (or) received a link to the tour operator’s website where such information is provided. The tourist confirms that he considers such information to be appropriate and acceptable.


Tour operator

VšĮ „Jaunimo laisvalaikio tinklas“ (Youth Leisure Network)
Šarkuvos g. 11-4, Kaunas, LT48155
Company code: 304102112
Mob. Phone No. +370 655 80970
AB „Swedbank“


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