Rules of Trips and Activities

Who can travel with YouthLeisure.Net (Youth Leisure Network)?

You should be 18 years old and we make almost no exceptions to that rule. We might make exceptions if it’s a person between 16-17 years and having a written consent from their parents. You should be able to take care of yourself. We are eager to help, but our tours are semi structured and made for independent travellers. You should understand English reasonably. Some of the tours take the passengers to remote areas where the access to healthcare is strictly limited. Youth Leisure Network cannot take responsibility for illness or injuries that occur under circumstances beyond our control.


Changes and delays

Youth Leisure Network reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of any of its tours and arrange alternative carriers to those advertised if necessary.

No refunds will be given in these circumstances or in the event of any delay, alteration of a trip due to severe weather conditions or mechanical failure.

If the weather conditions do not allow to do all or some of the activities during Youth Leisure Network trips, we will do our best to organize alternative or similar activities in the best way. But traveller must understand that of unforeseen circumstances is nothing what we can do about it.


Responsibility of the passenger

The passenger is fully responsible getting to the departure point in time. Youth Leisure Network has no responsibility to wait on passengers after announced departure time or refund a passenger missing a departure. A passenger can’t go on a tour using someone else’s ticket and if he is intoxicated with any narcotic or psycho activate substance. Youth Leisure Network will stop that person from joining the tour. Passenger must bring an ID on tour.

The passenger must act responsible and suitable for the kind of tours Youth Leisure Network provide. Travelling in a group requires being responsible in all situations (for an example, not being late for meetings and obeying the accommodation rules. First of all you must show respect for other passengers, the crew, our partners’ rules. If a passenger does not act according to the rules, the tour manager has the right to remove the passenger from the tour. The passenger will be let off at the next place where there is public transport connection. If this would happen at a hostel the passenger can be asked to leave the hostel directly.  In that case, Youth Leisure Network is not responsible for refund of the tour, alternative transport, food or accommodation.

All travellers must have travel insurance. Be on time for departures; try to be there 15 minutes before the agreed time. The bus waits 15 minutes if possible. When we depart from a terminal it’s not always possible to wait longer than 10 minutes. If you miss the bus, it’s your responsibility to catch up; call the driver or the office to get instructions. Youth Leisure Network will not compensate any passengers who miss the departures.

Participants during the whole trip takes full responsibility for his health and safety, for his additional expenses or inability to participate in a trip with the group, which occurred due to travellers duties and legal requirements non-observe.



In the event of any dissatisfaction with any service provided by Youth Leisure Network, you must report it immediately to the Trip Leader so that action can be taken to find a solution to the problem. Any complaint that cannot be resolved by the Representative should be submitted in writing or emailing to Youth Leisure Network within 30 days after the tour ended. After receiving any complaints, we will try them to resolve according to the Lithuanian law of tourism.

If Youth Leisure Network compensated a passenger that they did not have to compensate by the law or compensated more generously than needed by law, it should be seen as exceptions and these compensations cannot be claimed automatically by other passengers. If there’s a situation on the tour when a tour manager asks a passenger if he/she can accept to change from higher to lower standard of accommodation or transport etc. during a tour and this is accepted by the passenger without any claim of immediate compensation or restrictions the passenger cannot claim to be compensated after the tour by Youth Leisure Network.

If a passengers claim refunds because of incidents caused by a separate company transporting a Youth Leisure Network group or individual passengers, the passenger’s compensation will be according to the rules of the company, which is organizing the transport.


Photos, Videos or other visual material

During Youth Leisure Network events or trips pictures and video are being taken in order to capture moments of ongoing tour. For this reason, upon accepting these rules, Participating is giving his full permission to his/hers imagine or picture in the future promotion of Youth Leisure Network promoted products and just sharing captured moments of already happened tours in official social media channels of the organisations. All the taken material is published in the website or/and official Facebook page.

According to the EU GDPR regulations, if the Participant in any case wants to remove his/hers picture or video from any materials used of Youth Leisure Network, person has to contact us using email:, stating his name, surname, date and event, which he/she tooked part and direct link of the picture, which needs to be removed. Upon receiving the email, Youth Leisure Network will remove the picture/video in the following 72 hours.